Social media marketing is one of the most efficient ways to raise brand awareness and lead people to your company. However, as expected, social media may have problems. Some common others particular to your business and its niche. Social media if well executed can help you create a solid community, grow your business and enjoy success for your marketing or business goals. Here are four of such problems and their solutions.

Flying Blindly

The first questions most companies fail to ask is the “W” questions of Who, What, Where, When of social media. Listening through social media monitoring is critical to understanding the brand, its competitors and key terms relevant to your audience on the social web. Without a smart listening effort, companies miss key opportunities such as marketing, customer service, sales, recruiting, partnering and public relations which would have been of immense benefit to them.

Inconsistent Contribution to Networks.

If you don’t want to risk losing visitors and potential customers, make sure you have a very specific social media marketing schedule that you stick to no matter what. If you don’t have the necessary time for it (as it can be rather time-consuming) then why not hire someone else to do it? Look for a content writer and curator who can post for you regularly. If you’d prefer to do it yourself, then remember to always be consistent and engage your readers so that they choose to come back the next day. Make sure you have something even better waiting for them when they do.

Content quantity over quality

An excellent way to think about the quantity Vs. quality is to treat every piece of content—every tweet, every Facebook post, every CTA, every press outreach email—with the utmost care, as Leo explains in our Buffer marketing manifesto. People will naturally follow your brand over time from posting great content, not posting more content. Marketers can benefit from embracing the “everything matters” mentality when generating content for their blog, graphics for social media, and forums for connecting.

Faceless Relationships with Consumers

One of the most common social media marketing problems that business owners face has to do with lack of personalization. Although you may think that speaking on behalf of your team and signing posts collectively shows good team spirit, the truth is that your customers take it as being faceless. In order to solve such problems, one needs to;

Make sure there is always a name behind your posts: someone who really knows your brand and niche and who is going to put in the necessary time. This person should work as your spokesperson, get to know your target audience and existing customers well, and should spend time becoming familiar with their needs.

He or she should collect feedback and personal information through social media, and build strong, trustworthy relationships between your company and your consumers. Personalization is crucial when it comes to your social media marketing success.

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