Social media marketing is one of the most efficient ways to raise brand awareness and lead people to your company. However, as expected, social media may have problems. Some common others particular to your business and its niche. Social media if well executed can help you create a solid community, grow your business and enjoy […]

This Is The One Event You Should Attend If You’re Into Digital Marketing In Nigeria

The Largest Gathering of Digital Marketing Professionals in Nigeria is here! We are living through a digital revolution and its happening so rapidly that the operating system used to write this article will probably be obsolete by the time the last sentence is written. The ubiquity of smartphones and social media platforms, for example, has […]

Digital marketing for Nigerian SMEs: 6 Benefits Waiting To Be Tapped

With the advent of modern technologies, SMEs are doing all they can to keep up with trends and opportunities. The urge to put a brand in the face of users is very promising but the budget seem to be the snag point.  A solution to this is digital marketing. Digital marketing is a term for […]

What You Should Know About Influencer Marketing

The rise of social media has made advertising quite easy and fast for anyone who wants to reach a target audience. Today, messages get to different consumers from different points. These are because of the rapid growth of digital media. Influencing, though already a subtle part of marketing never received focus up until now. These […]

8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Having a social media presence isn’t just about the convenience of technology, it’s rather about capitalizing on a cultural shift happening across the world. Social media provide entrepreneurs unique instant gratification — as soon a post goes up on social media, people are showing their support, approval, admiration or the complete opposite. Although consumers are […]

7 Ways Social Listening Helps your Brand

Social media is basically used as a communication tool in PR. Communication itself is two way; organization to its publics and the reverse. If communication is just one way, say from organization to its publics, then trust is not built and the business may lose in the long run. This explain why brands, marketers, communication […]

Are you Aware Facebook Messenger can now help your Sales Effort?

Facebook has announced several new features in its latest Messenger update, a few of which may make it easier for brands to get their Messenger accounts discovered. The update includes more advanced user interface customisation for web developers, a simpler payment process for in-app purchases, a sharing option for individual messages and an introductory screen […]